Lupine Leads

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Lupine leads are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, even if chewed, with a full replacement guarantee. You can’t go wrong with that!

We have leads in various sizes and cute designs, including Paw and Crossbones, Camping, Turtles, Hearts and Bones, Argyle, Peace Sign and Hearts, Paw Prints and Geometric shapes.
Give us a call (989) 389-2000

If you are trying to match a lead to a selected Lupine Collar, please add a note as to which design you would like. We will try to match it, and will let you know if we don’t have it.

We have many different designs and sizes. Please contact us to find out what we have in stock.

SIZES: ½”, ¾”, or 1″ wide, and available in both 4- and 6-foot lengths. (NOTE: 6-foot leads are $2.00 extra.)


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